Vincilee Trampoline Spring Pull Tool (T-Hook) Trampoline Spring Tool(2 Pack

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Product Features

  • ✪Quality and Safety:✪ This product uses casting technology, handle and pull hook once molding, high-strength steel to ensure that you do not break in the process of use, separation, to protect your safety is our first pursuit, compared with other types of products in the market, we strictly require product quality, you can rest assured that you buy.
  • ✪Breadth and Versatility:✪ Spring hooks are suitable for all springs within the maximum range of your strength, especially if this is a necessary tool for trampoline, and it is recommended that you put it together with trampoline parts at any time.
  • ✪Ergonomic Design:✪ 11.5 cm/4.5 inch and spring hook plastic handle groove design, easy to hold, whether you or your husband, wife, even your child can easily install the spring in place.
  • ✪Packaging:✪ 2-piece spring hook tool for everyday use, it will bring you and your family more pleasure and easier work when assembling trampolines.
  • ✪After-sales Service:✪ Within 1 months of your purchase of our products, if you accidentally lose or can't find it, you tell us that we will give you 1 free of charge, to save you money.
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