The Parent's Guide to Inflatable Bouncers [2024]

Inflatable bouncers aren’t really new, but they’ve never been more popular - especially among young families. It’s becoming more and more common to see them in yards and driveways in and around your neighborhood, and they’ve become a mainstay at many festivals and carnivals.

Part of the reason for their popularity is that they are a tremendous amount of fun! Watch any kid as they walk by an inflatable and you’ll see what I mean. And if you’re a parent then you already know what I mean - your kids have probably begged you a hundred times to jump in a bouncer.

on Apr 19, 2024
Your Must-Do Checklist When Renting a Bounce House [2024]

Bounce houses have become so popular these days, and for good reason! They’re a ton of fun and kids love them. And when it comes to birthday parties, inflatable bouncers have never been a better option.

Google the phrase “bounce house rental near me” and you’ll undoubtedly find dozens of rental places who can deliver a bouncer to your home or other location for a birthday party. It’s important to know how the process works, and what you need to know from your rental company to ensure a smooth process.

on Jul 14, 2020
Bounce House Birthday Party Ideas

One thing I've learned over the years is that you can't simply rent a bounce house and think your birthday party is set. Maybe it's just my personal taste, but when we host parties for our kids I like to have people occupied and entertained from start to finish.

on Jul 13, 2020
Can I Use My Bounce House Indoors? [2024]

One of the questions I hear all the time is "Can I set up a bounce house inside?" or "Can I use a bounce house indoors?" The short answer is, it depends. It comes down to several factors that determine whether your particular bouncer will work in your particular space. I'll walk you through all the factors and help you figure out which bounce houses can be set up inside.

on Apr 19, 2024
Finding a Cheap Bounce House - Buying New vs. Used [2024]

If you’re thinking about buying your first bounce house, then let me first say congratulations! The luxury and convenience of having instant entertainment at your fingertips 24/7 pays for itself almost immediately.

When it comes to buying your first bouncer, budget is often the top concern that parents have - and it should be. Most families that buy an inflatable end up buying more than one, so odds are you’ll have other opportunities to buy a high-end model down the road.

on Apr 19, 2024