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Bounce House Birthday Party Ideas

Jul 13, 2020

One thing I've learned over the years is that you can't simply rent a bounce house and think your birthday party is set. Maybe it's just my personal taste, but when we host parties for our kids I like to have people occupied and entertained from start to finish.

First off, some people probably wonder if they should rent a bounce house for their birthday party at all. I'll cover that here, as well as answering some other common questions (mainly, what other birthday party activity ideas are out there).

Who Should Get a Bounce House for a Birthday Party

In my opinion, bounce house birthday parties are practical up to an age of about seven or eight. When it comes down to it, the kids just get too big after a while. Renting or buying them becomes a challenge, both from the perspective of space and transportation as well as from the cost perspective.

What About Bounce House Birthday Party Rentals?

To be honest, I don't really care for them. On one hand, you can generally get a larger unit, but they do come with a lot of uncertainties and potential hassles that you can avoid by owning your own. And as long as your bounce house birthday party is for a relatively young child, you'll be just fine buying one for roughly the same amount that you'd spend on a rental.

Reasons to Avoid Bounce House Rental for Birthday Party

First and foremost, there's inherent uncertainty that comes with the rental situation. If the weather is a bit iffy, your rental company might back out last-minute. Scheduling can also be difficult. You may end up needing to rent it for multiple blocks of time to accommodate a single party when all is said and done.

I also personally feel that the economics of the situation don't make sense. Rather than renting a huge commercial unit, you can get a slightly smaller residential unit for the same price. Or, if you really have the long-term view in mind, you can buy a commercial grade unit for yourself. Heck, if you want to you can even rent it out on weekends — how ironic would that be?

Should I Rent a Bounce House for a Birthday Party?

If you've followed along this far then I'm assuming that you know my stance. No! You should not rent a bounce house for your birthday party. I personally feel that you'd be much better off buying one that you can call your own for many years to come. And you can even sell it once your family has gotten its usage out of it.

Perhaps I'm just being repetitive at this point, or perhaps I just love having these inflatables around for everyday use, but I really feel strongly that buying is the way to go over renting. One thing to consider is storage space, especially if you're buying a larger unit. If that's not an issue for you and your family, though, then I would strongly recommend purchase over rental.

What are Some Bounce House Birthday Party Ideas?

There are a lot of other things you can do to add some fun to a bounce house birthday party. I've found that a carnival theme always goes well with a bounce house. Having a few simple games around can really help to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. Try a ring toss game or something like bean bag toss. Or do a three-legged race. Having an extra adult on hand to help coordinate activities can be the difference between a sane, happy party and total chaos. I would highly recommend it.

Another fun thing is a snow cone maker. This definitely adds to the carnival vibe. And with food allergies on the rise, having alternative treats on hand can make all the difference between a great party and a big disappointment for any kids with food sensitivities.

I know I've mentioned it already but I can't stress it enough — having adequate adult helpers around is essential to make your party go smoothly. There are always plenty of kids who need attention and guidance, and there are always small things that come up throughout the party that distract the actual parents. Plus, it's your kid's birthday and you should be socializing with your guests.

Having said all that, I know I may not be the typical parent when it comes to hosting parties. I really do prefer to run a tight ship, but there are plenty of other people who like to just go with the flow. For those people, feel free to set up your bounce house and put the party on cruise control. As long as you get one that's big enough, the kids will safely entertain themselves for hours.


Well, that's the guide! Hopefully this will help any of you parents out there who are looking to host a bounce house birthday party. As always, if you have questions or feedback feel free to email me at I'll do my best to reply to any emails I get, although sometimes it may take me a few days. Best of luck with your parties!

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on Jul 13, 2020
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