Best Bounce House Brands for Your Family [2023]

A lot of people ask me for my opinion on the best bounce house brands. Heck, most people would even be happy to have a complete list of bounce house brands, period!

But first, a quick note: Since I just mentioned it, I'll cut to the chase — do yourself a favor and buy something from Blast Zone or Bounceland, or if you have smaller kids pick up something from Little Tikes.

And the truth is that, today, the bounce house market is exploding. Brick and mortar stores are carrying them more often, and online retailers like Amazon are now booming with off-brand models that leave you feeling uncertain.

on Apr 10, 2023
Little Tikes Trampoline Comparison [2023]

New parents and parents with younger children are constantly asking me about trampolines for their kids. Now, I usually tell parents to go with a bounce house or bouncy slide rather than a trampoline, but these Little Tikes trampolines are so popular that I decided to look into them.

Both models offer the quality that you’ve probably come to expect with the Little Tikes brand. Each model is designed to be used by only one kid at a time and, unlike with a bounce house, this is a strict limit with a trampoline.

on Dec 22, 2020
Little Tikes Bounce House Roundup [2023]

A Little Tikes bounce house is a very solid option for young families looking for an inflatable bouncer. While the warranties aren't the best, the products themselves are generally well-made and can stand the test of time. I certainly think having a Little Tikes bounce house is better than not having one at all! In this article I'll summarize the different models in the Little Tikes line to help make your buying decision easier.

on Jul 14, 2020
Finding a Bouncy House for Sale [2023]

I don't mind saying that the first time I tried to find a bounce house for sale, I screwed up.


I'll never forget how disappointed my kids were when we all realized that the inflatable I found on craigslist wasn't going to inflate. I felt just as deflated as that damn bouncer.

on Apr 10, 2023
The 5 Best Affordable Bounce Houses [2023]

When parents are searching for their first bouncy house, cost is often the top concern. There's good reason for this, too. Most parents that we know who have an inflatable bouncer actually own more than one. A few people we know have gone all out from the start, but most parents start out with a cheaper unit to begin with.

I've reviewed the bouncers that are generally available online right now and ranked them based not only on initial upfront cost but on the durability of the units and the overall value you can expect to get out of them.

on Apr 10, 2023
The Best Bounce House with a Slide [2023]

First off, if you want a bounce house with a slide, there are a lot of factors to consider. I'll break it down from as many angles as I can to help you find the best one for your family. I'll give you my overall list of the best bounce houses with a slide, and then I'll go into specific areas.

Are you looking for a unit for older kids, or younger ones? That's the primary deciding factor that you'll want to consider. Other things to consider are the overall number of jumpers (at once, anyway) and the frequency of use.

Other questions include where to buy a bounce house with a slide, whether that be in-person at a store nearby or online, and how much they actually cost. I'll cover all these things below. If you have other questions or if you think I've missed anything, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

First, my top bounce houses with a slide:

on Apr 10, 2023