The Ultimate Bounce House Buying Guide [2024  Update]

Buying a bounce house can be an intimidating ordeal. There are so many options these days, it can be stressful, confusing and frustrating. I've done my best to break down your decision here. I'll outline the major brands, features and common complaints so you can make the best decision and start enjoying a new bouncer.

Before I do that, here are my top five bounce houses:

on Apr 19, 2024
Bounceland Brand Review

For the first brand in my Brand Review series, I'll be taking a look at Bounceland. In this series in general I'll be taking a look at a variety of brands that make bounce houses and other similar products. I'll be focusing most of my attention on what I consider to be some of the bigger players in the market, but I'll also try to include some of the lesser-known and up-and-coming brands that I've seen emerge lately. If you're in the market for a bounce house, trampoline, or inflatable water slide, then you can breathe easy knowing that you've never had more choice than you do now. New companies are springing up left and right to try to get in on the action in this very hot, fast-growing market.

on Apr 19, 2024
The Top 5 Best Bounce Houses for Toddlers in 2024

When buying a bounce house for your toddler, there are several factors that you need to consider to ensure that your child stays safe and has fun. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know to find the perfect bounce house for your family.

Before we get into the criteria we've used to rank the various models, these are the top five bounce houses for toddlers:

on Apr 19, 2024
Finding a Commercial Bounce House for Sale [2024]

Bounce houses are becoming SO popular these days. They've been a staple at carnivals and other local festivals for years, but they've grown so much in popularity that moms and dads all over are finding more reasons to rent commercial bounce houses from local rental centers.

on Apr 19, 2024
Water Slide Bounce House Guide [2024]

A water slide bounce house is one of the best sources of warm-weather entertainment your family will ever own. They're affordable, convenient, and offer literally endless fun for your kids from young to old.

But first, a quick note: There are a lot of bounce houses on the market, with many online offerings coming out in the last year or two. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Blast Zone or Bounceland , and for smaller kids Little Tikes may have a lot to offer.

on Apr 19, 2024
The Best Bounce House for Your Basement [2024]

Bounce houses are a safe and fun way to let your kids get their energy out. However, if you live in a colder climate, or just prefer having an entertainment option indoors, it can be hard to find the right unit.

In this post I'll go over a list of some of the best bounce houses for your basement.

on Apr 19, 2024
Best Bounce House Brands for Your Family [2024]

A lot of people ask me for my opinion on the best bounce house brands. Heck, most people would even be happy to have a complete list of bounce house brands, period!

But first, a quick note: Since I just mentioned it, I'll cut to the chase — do yourself a favor and buy something from Blast Zone or Bounceland, or if you have smaller kids pick up something from Little Tikes.

And the truth is that, today, the bounce house market is exploding. Brick and mortar stores are carrying them more often, and online retailers like Amazon are now booming with off-brand models that leave you feeling uncertain.

on Apr 19, 2024
Little Tikes Trampoline Comparison [2024]

New parents and parents with younger children are constantly asking me about trampolines for their kids. Now, I usually tell parents to go with a bounce house or bouncy slide rather than a trampoline, but these Little Tikes trampolines are so popular that I decided to look into them.

Both models offer the quality that you’ve probably come to expect with the Little Tikes brand. Each model is designed to be used by only one kid at a time and, unlike with a bounce house, this is a strict limit with a trampoline.

on Dec 22, 2020
The Parent's Guide to Inflatable Bouncers [2024]

Inflatable bouncers aren’t really new, but they’ve never been more popular - especially among young families. It’s becoming more and more common to see them in yards and driveways in and around your neighborhood, and they’ve become a mainstay at many festivals and carnivals.

Part of the reason for their popularity is that they are a tremendous amount of fun! Watch any kid as they walk by an inflatable and you’ll see what I mean. And if you’re a parent then you already know what I mean - your kids have probably begged you a hundred times to jump in a bouncer.

on Apr 19, 2024
Little Tikes Bounce House Roundup [2024]

A Little Tikes bounce house is a very solid option for young families looking for an inflatable bouncer. While the warranties aren't the best, the products themselves are generally well-made and can stand the test of time. I certainly think having a Little Tikes bounce house is better than not having one at all! In this article I'll summarize the different models in the Little Tikes line to help make your buying decision easier.

on Jul 14, 2020